A vintage tugboat in the Sorrento peninsula

Vittorino tugboat has 100 years of sea history. Among harbors and channels, towing large ships, it has worked tirelessly throughout its sea career.

Today, after a long life of hard work, it has been restored keeping its original “iron” personality, but softening it in comfort and top quality services. 

The harmony of its soft lines, the scent of the mahogany used for the wood deck, the interiors in hand-painted wooden slats and gleaming brass integrate perfectly with the colors of the time, black hull and white deck. In the middle, in a dominant position, there is the smokestack.

Anyone who is onboard on the Vittorino will feel the pleasure of a trip from olden times, yet with a contemporary style. That’s why this wonderful “Jewel of the Italian Maritime” is a unique piece, wherever it moors or sails.

There are 3 comfortable cabins for guests, equipped with private bathrooms, and a welcoming and hospitable dinette located in front of the kitchen area, always ready to satisfy every kind of request.

On the sundeck, there are 4 teak sunbeds where guests can enjoy relaxing moments; 3 sofas, 1 sunbathing area and a table for 12 people in the cockpit.

For diving lovers, there is a compressor to refill the scuba tanks.

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Our Story

The “Vittorino” has returned to sail: An old tug of over one hundred years that risked being dismantled and reduced to a heap of iron sheets, rescued by blowtorch, it has turned into an elegant boat for the pleasure of its guests.


Marina Di Cassano

- Sorrento Coast -

 The Vittorino is moored at the port of Sorrento. From here you can jump on board and have a fantastic day with us.

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